a gravel road race series in northern vermont that challenges riders through some of vermont's most barren landscapes.  

When we started this adventure, we hoped to attract 50 riders to the start line, only one year later we have captured and grown an audience of 500 racers seeking the ultimate backroad adventure.

"two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and i. i took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference."

                                             -- robert frost

Our History

We started out as two friends with a hope to get 50 riders to travel the backroads in which we live.  It was really that simple.  What we saw around us was this amazing, challenging landscape.  What we lived around was the highest cancer population in the State of Vermont.  You see, rural Vermont has its challenges including the closest cancer treatment centers over two hours away.  So our passion for cycling and racing has led us where we are today. We created two unsanctioned gravel road races that challenge the human spirit and strength.  We make nothing.  Every cent earned goes to the Halo Foundation that helps families struggling with the costs of battling cancer. It's a win-win.  And we live by three principles:

  • Love of Cycling
  • Love of Community
  • Love of Charity

We Are Unsanctioned.

No license.  No prize purse.  Have a bike and the will to race and you are a match for our races.  We attract road, cyclocross, singlespeed, mountain bike, tandem, and fatbikes.

But we are a race.  We are timed.  We have podiums.  And mostly our winners have bragging rights.

We Are Small Town.

More than anything we care about our racers.  We are at the finish line shaking hands.  We are constantly seeking their advice and input.  We ride with our racers.  We are small.  In fact, we don't want to grow over 500 racers per race so we never lose that small town feeling.    

part of the Can-Am Gravel Battle Series: